Hello, thank you for visiting my website.


Who am I?

I am Debbie, a graduate in Fine Art.  I was born in South Shields a coastal town in the north east of England, where we’re known as Sandancers.  I come from generations of sea farers, maybe that’s why the sea resonates and always lures me. 


Why do I create? 

The simple answer, it’s because something in me whispers and I respond.  The deep satisfaction that comes from creating feeds my soul and with it increases my passion to create.

I am an intuitive artist, responding to the subject instinctively using various mediums to enable me to express my thoughts, feelings and narrative.


When it began?  

My spark was ignited at the age of five when I won a national painting competition.


Where I am now? 

My Inspiration comes from my heritage and my personal journey. 

I use colour and texture, to represent the cause and effect of nature and human interaction, coupled with the resulting marks they leave. 

My subject matter is the coast, the rhythms of the sea, the curling crashing waves, and the constant transformation in the geography of the landscape.  I look for the beauty in the changes and the magic of the colours as the sea reveals what it briefly leaves behind before it returns to reclaim it. 


What’s to come? 

I continue to examine the constant tension between the land holding it’s own, and the persistently eroding sea.  How this impacts on human nature, but also how the impact of mankind has changed the coastal landscape.


I aim to bring something of the outside inside, and connect with the viewer.  



The selection of work on my website spans a number of years.

To support navigation I have categorised the work into:


various themes


life drawings and work relating to the body


landscapes, texture to flowers


seascapes, water and movement to shells


driftwood sculpture, silk work, throws

I would like to express my gratitude for the love and encouragement from those around me. 

Thank you all for your support, an keeping me brave. 

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